Our guests
Some special guests have join us all restoration long... Thanks! 

For this special episode of  Backto10102020: A teamfox Adventure, please find below  some of the Guests whom have  join us  freely to work on this wonderful project by giving us a hand, and  help us to restore such a piece of History ! Bravo and Thanks Guys!


Paul Sher

Original Builder  
Tv & Movie Cars

Greg Ward

Restoration Expert

Greg's Restorations

Guillaume Sch

Visual Communication &
"Retour vers le futur Collection" Fb page Webmaster


From USA to Europe !

It has been a loooonnng trip from LAS VEGAS to FRANCE.

Found in a very poor state in Las Vegas, Mitch on his birthday, decide to acquire those elements even if they were in a poor state.

The idea in mind was to try to preserve this mythic part of the trilogy and to restore this beauty but with the preservation of  the initial state

2021 all year long...

Destination France !

After a delay due to maritim transportation blockers, it arrived safely in France in October 12th

The First step of the restoration was  ready to start:

Putting this body with the motorcycle bike !

Following the idea of  rebuiding this vehicle from the 'Future', a custom electric bike was choosen to fit the  ninja 250 dimensions, and permit this vehicle to  be electric ! whaooo! Rock and Roll !:)

88MPH IN ACTION with our friend : Guillaume !

Spring 2022

After cleaning the body  and once put in the motorcycle, the next step was to recreate all the decals.

Thanks to his archives, Mitch found production documents, used decals and  images  in suficient number to be able to recreate all things  with all the details.

Guillaume  drawn all of the needed sketches beforer putting in production the decals  and finally put those on the bike.

Hundreds of revised version were done before final lot, due to the difficulty to have all colors references and all appropriate dimensions. The final result  is  awesome ! 

The next step was to recreate all the 'missing baguettes' on the body

WINSHIELD IN ACTION with our friend PAUL !

Paul have done 5 bikes so far including two original restorations.

On the upper left , the other original one. They were built on 1985 Kawasaki Ninja 250s, except the one on the right which is the one Paul made at Jay Ohrberg Hollywood Cars on his Ninja 600. This one has  huge twin sidepipes

1st step: Using the original mold

Lucky we are that our friend Paul kept the original mold from his work in 1990's on this same motorcycle bike.

Paul use the original mold  to recreate this model in fiberglass

2sd step: Out of the mold

To work on the base to make it final and to clean it.

3rd step: 

To finalize the copy , polish it and make it  ready to ship !

GAS DOOR IN ACTION with our friend Greg

Our friend Greg, froml Greg's restorations build the gas door as  a perfect copy and with all the details  as the original gas door.

This gas door will be delivered to France and  will fit perfectly the  hole of the bike