You Remember....1989 ?
The Future....
Bob Gale & Robert Zemeckis imagine a new episode of their previous sucess movie Back To The Future.
This time they will send us ... in 2015 !!!

Hill Valley 2015

Hill Valley Police Motorcycle Bike

HILL VALLEY 2015 Report

Vehicules : The  futuristic Hill Valley Police from 2015 drive Flying  Cars and Police Hoverbikes

Motorcycle Bikes: 2 bikes 1:1 Scale were built by team Builders. Both were based on a 250 Ninja Motorbike

ILM : A reduced  1:8 model was also built by ILM to permit to shoot some SFX Scenes.

After the Movie: The ILM reduced model  survived and is part of SFA collection. Only 1 Screenused Motorcycle bike survive. 

Both model, the ilm 1:8 scale model and the Screenused Model are now in France.

Replicas: Several replicas were built years after. None of them is 100% accurate to the original, but  some beautiful replicas were build from the original molds and are very similar to the original motorcycle bike


2 special crazy hoverbikes were created for the production of BTTF2.

Thanks to 88MPH association, a partial restoration is starting with the unique survivor !

Vidéo Coming soon : 
"This is a science Experiment from 88MPH Association"
 (video reportage + archived photos)